🚀 About us

Crypto investing in India has been adopted largely by young Indians. The existing platforms have solved for access to investment but trade execution is a small piece in the user journey. These users are hooked on YouTube and Telegram for news, signals and a sense of community but these platforms are not designed to capture the attributes of social investing like sharing portfolio with peers and community, trading signals, influencer led community discussions, etc.

With Crypso, we aim to build a social trading application that solves for this underserved community behaviour. Users get to see the portfolio and trading strategies of their peers and influencers, join community group chats around areas of their interest, share their portfolio with communities for feedback and execute trades based on social signals.

😎 The Founding Team

We are a team of 3 founders, previously co-founders of the used car platform, Truebil. At Truebil, we worked together for 5 years and built a category defining user experience for used car buyers solving the problem of trust at scale. Truebil was the largest used car retail brand in India when it was acquired by Spinny in 2020.

💰 Crypso is backed by leading angels and micro VCs in India.